Digitalizing Gold Bullion Investing

At Goldady, we are seizing the historic opportunity to modernize gold investing.

We are leveraging state-of-the-art technology to modernize and streamline gold ownership, transaction, and settlement. Our aim is to facilitate digital spot gold bullion transactions between buyers and sellers.

There are fertile grounds for this transformation in the Middle East, where an ongoing and large-scale use of gold provides the demand base and liquidity for modern gold-based investing.


Providing mobility to bullion vaulting and direct access to gold markets.

What is Goldady?

Goldady is a digital platform that rationalizes the “over-the-counter” gold investment market.

End users benefit from a convenient and cost-efficient way to buy, sell, store and insure their physical gold holdings.

Who can own an account?

There are no restrictions on the types of institutions, dealers or individuals that can own an account provided the availability of client funds and agreement to be vetted by our KYC/AML process.

Are gold accounts allocated?

Clients are the beneficiary owners of their allocated physical gold holdings in secure vaults.

Can gold buyers take physical delivery?

Yes. Gold purchased on our platform can be delivered through authorized dealers in standard gold bar sizes according to local Good Delivery standards.